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Project: Cultivating Communities

Client: University Side Project

Bía Clann [Food Family] is a concept tourist experience in Belfast's historic Conway Mill



Bía Clann visitors are in for a night of Irish history, culture and food. Immerse yourself into our past with with an interactive screen tour of the building followed by a feast of Irish delicacies coupled with traditional Irish music and storytelling. Bía Clann, Be a part of it.


Bía Clann  [Food Family] is an experience for all ages and sizes designed by Irish people to create an immersive cultural experience right in the heart of Belfast’s Gaeltacht Quarter. The project aims to benefit the local communities of West Belfast whilst assiting the the rebirth of the Gaeltacht with new digital ways of sharing Irish culture.


With a large focus on food Bía Clann is designed to encourage people to enjoy community eating, creating a family atmosphere similar to that in an Irish household. Bía Clann  takes place in the iconic Conway Mill. The Conway Mill was originally built around 1842, and was one of the first linen spinning mills to be established on the Lower Falls Road. After an extensive refurbishment the mill is now one Belfast’s best preserved and most important historical buildings.

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