Branding, UX/UI

Project: Plant Based Diet App

Client: Final Year University Major Project

Plantra is an app designed to aid the millions of people who want to try, transition to, or maintain a plant-based diet.


Veganism has skyrocketed in popularity in recent times. Many people are attracted to this lifestyle due to its environmental, health & animal welfare benefits. However many people are put off by a plant based diet as they are unsure where to start, how to plan meals, where to eat and how to budget.


I surveyed 288 people to create a basis of data to analyse and create user personas and potential features of the app from.

The survey was completed by both vegans and those with conventional omnivorous diets. I used this survey to identify pain points for users who had successfully and unsuccessfully tried a plant based lifestyle. This data gave me a list of problems to brainstorm with and create the basic framework of Plantra.

Some of the significant findings were that 70% of non-vegan respondents had considered a plant-based diet before but had been deterred by the everyday challenges it presents.


Many of the same problems occurred for both sets of respondents including, not knowing what to eat, where to eat & connecting with others.


Using the data gathered in the user surveyed I collected key pain points and requirements users had for a smooth transition to a plant based diet. I took these on to post it notes to sort them into to different categories and figure out how I could solve these problems. I organised the cards into 8 key categories that I needed to address within the app.

Using these categories I began brainstorming solutions and features for the app to provide. These solutions varied from pages in the app, to adding and establishing needs process. This gave me a better foundation to start laying out user flows and personas.


Through building user personas 3 key user groups were identified to focus on. The first is those who wish to fully transition to a plant-based diet from a mainstream omnivorous diet. These users will require a full transition plan. They will also benefit from features like advice & community.

Then there are those who would simply like to trial a plant based diet. A similar plan will be required for these users without the end goal of going completely plant-based. Recipes will help these users through their trial period.


Finally there are the user group that already live a plant-based lifestyle but would use the app for maintenance & to keep up to date with everything plant-based. News and shopping lists would be of benefit to these users. 





Building a strong and recognisable brand was important to gain the trust of new users & establish this new product. The strong sense of colour and dynamism aim to create a welcoming & fun feel.

This brand was developed through a process of initially sketching & doodling around the name and purpose of the brand. From this the stronger ideas were brought on screen and experimented with.


Different colour schemes, type & dimension were put to the test until the final form was produced.



Plantra aids a plant based life style by taking the users' personal circumstances & preferences into account whilst providing every resource one could possibly need in one convenient location. 


To ensure a smooth transition Plantra offers the following features:

  • Tailored transition plan

  • Meal planning

  • Recipe library

  • News

  • Restaurant Guides

  • Community

  • Shopping lists

RESULT: Plantra Prototype


The Plantra Beta prototype is currently under development. Keep you're eyes peeled for the official launch of Plantra!

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